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Reclaim your data cabinet from chaos

Restoring data cabinets to their former glory

Those temporary changes made within the comms/network cabinet to accommodate such events, often become a more semi-permanent feature.

As businesses grow, employ more staff, or simply have a move around, the network has to cope & flex - on demand.

Where once was a perfectly ordered cabinet, over time, can come to resemble to inner workings of a spaghetti factory! It may still function, but it's become a technician's headache to maintain, potentially unreliable and an aesthetic mess.

Our network cab tidy-up service can bring order from chaos, and return data cabinets back to their former glory.

We will fully map existing ports, before removing redundant connections and re-establishing port-by-port, in a methodical & colour-coded manner.

In order to reduce disruption to the business to an absolute minimum, such work will most often be undertaken outside of normal business hours or over a weekend. For larger installations, a phased approach will be undertaken.

Check out our before & after image slider to compare the results of a typical cab-tidy.

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